Doctor Report on Shaun Lamont’s (@ShaunLamont) EP “Relapse”

 Shaun Lamont Comes Out OF Hiatus With “Relapse”

They are a few indie artist that when they drop new music I am actually looking forward to hearing it, Shaun Lamont is one of those artist. I was introduce to his music when I heard him featured on Snyp Luciano track “Two Sides”Just hearing what he brought to the hook, I knew this artist had potential and wanted to hear more. Ever since my ear was first introduced to him, they have not been disappointed. Now he is blessing his fans with a new EP entitled “Relapse”. Seem like he was just giving his fans a sample of things to come with only 5 tracks. Question is, will this EP have fans begging for more?Well sit back and I will let you know if “Relapse” is worth your purchase.
To start things off, I had to first check out the first single off the EP which was Baddest” , he also provided a visual for this track right off the back. So you can see he was really trying grab the attention of his fans. When the track first comes on, I was really feeling the production of the track and the smooth vibe of it. That smooth and mellow vibe, I can see females in the club grinding on a guy while reciting the hook  and feeling good about themselves. The flow of the track is very smooth as well, very catchy
Listening to the rest of the tracks on “Relapse”, the first track “Yea Yea” really did not catch my attention. I don’t know if it was the beat or the flow of the track, but it is not a track that I would listen to all the time. Most likely that track I skip if the rest of the album is better.
Well it did not take long to hear something caught my ear off the back, the next track “Time Again” production was on point. The first couple notes made me feel like this was about to be a hit. All I had to do was see if the lyrics also complemented the beat. The lyrics painted a picture perfectly, one could see a relationship that goes back and forth trying to find resolution. That one thing I look for in a song, can I picture the story and follow along easily like I am watching a music video or short story.
The production on “Relapse” continues to get better and better as tracks transition to the next, and Shaun had me wanting more to the point I wish there was more tracks on this album. If I have to pick my favorite track, it would be “Number One” , it kind of made me feel like Jamie Foxx’s “Your Type”. Very smooth with a kick when the hook comes in to spice up the track. I can honestly say he has a hit with this one.
Now comes the part where I let you know if this is worth you clicking below and purchasing. As I stated before, there is only one track I do not like, but might be a track the ladies can get into. Other than that, this is a solid EP that gives potential fans wanting more from this artist.
So I am going give this EP a 4 out of 5, which categorize this EP as having the The Flu. I can listen to one for a couple months and still vibe to it like it was the first time.
  1. Clean Bill Of Health
  2. Light Cough
  3. 24 hour bug
  4. The Flu

But you can click below and see if you feel the same.

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