Alternative Rock Singer and Her Band Deliver Me Up To Release “Chaos and Innocence”


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Renowned alternative rock singer Seraphim Aun Weor has just announced that she is now the front-woman of a new band Deliver Me Up. Known as the “Ï AM” artist, Seraphim is a breed of a different cloth. She’s not your typical alternative music artist, Seraphim ignites a new vibe that will surely set your soul on fire!

Deliver Me Up will be releasing their debut album “Chaos and Innocence” in early 2017 after three single releases in January. The first single “You Never Loved Me” will deliver a first-hand view of the raw emotional conflict of self-affliction and allows the listener to invade the deepest parts of Seraphim’s soul! The next release is a volatile heartbroken love song called “You’re My Biggest Mistake” and lastly, an intriguing alternative industrial mix entitled “Make-Up”.

Seraphim is also a well-known independent film director. Her last film, Ünholywood guides viewers into the mysteries of the forbidden unknown while taking them on the emotional rollercoaster of a downward spiral in a town that lost its wings when bloodshed became a virtue!

Seraphim has also vaguely referred to something called “Yeshu’a Generation”. This website post says,

“a drug free generation as Yeshu’a is… we are rebels in the “Holy Spirit”!”

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